Proposal to buy or rent an olive grove

-We offer you an honest, super-rising investment. The purchase or rental of land planted with the most blessed tree in our homeland, the olive tree. The produce offered to us by these trees is the Olive Oil, the modern gold of Greece, which has such exceptional and healing qualities. How blessed must we all feel for the olive tree that thrives and is cultivated in Greece for thousands of years.

-We are new producers, having as our sole interest to use the miraculous wonder of the extra virgin olive oil of the Messinian land, our region, the village of Amphithea-Doriou, Trifilia, Messinia (2 hours from Athens by road).

-For the last 4 years we have been reforming and exploiting the olive tree plantations, which have been neglected for many years, due to migration of the work force. We are planting new olive trees, with Greek varieties from our own nursery in many farms.

Because of the large areas that have not been exploited, and the great demand for the organic extra virgin olive oil, we have for you a proposal for cooperation and exploitation of this gold in the Messinian land.

-We can, indirectly, sell or rent to you several estates, with old and new (3-2 & 1 year) planted olive trees (with notarial titles). All right, honest and friendly, or you can rent estates or part of the estates with a private long-term agreement. You can have all this at preferential rates. This is an honest and legally correct proposal.

We have the farm hands to support this effort, and we can, for any investment you can make, take care of your olive grove, with a written agreement. You may have 50% of the proceeds (after we sell the olives) or you may have the 50% of the olives produced.

-The cultivation of the olive grove is done by organic methods, the fertilization is done only with organic manure, the soil is covered with leaves of olive trees, seaweed, or pieces of the old olive trees, the soil is enriched with zeolite, agricultural lime and other minerals, the prevention against diseases is only done organically with zeolite spraying, traps for the insects etc.

The final product is absolutely ecological, with no acid, and due to the area the polyphenols are in such a form that the olive oil of the region is classified according to the rules of the European Union as a product that is beneficial to health.

-The benefits you will get from this proposal are that you will have your own perfectly eco-friendly oil, a product that is beneficial to health and a stable and rising income.

At the same time you can experience and enjoy the benefits of a quiet natural rural life, and enjoy the benefits of agro-tourism, in unspoiled places and mountain lands (wild boars, jackals, foxes, hares, eagles and hawks) and huge variety of herbs. Soon we will be able to accommodate you in our wooden houses at a very low cost or offer you work, so you can take part in the work and harvest the olives from your own trees.

-Also, our area is very close to the coastal beaches with sand and pine trees, as well as in many archaeological sites such as Olympia, Ancient Messini, Epicurean Apollo, many vaulted tombs, too many and great destinations for tourism all year round. In each proposed estate or part thereof, you are given a detailed return for each year of expenses and income from it.

We hope to give you soon detailed information on the cost of the property of all the works and the performance of your estate.

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